Hunger Relief Foundation


Community Building



Our organization believes that we can get rid of the hunger problem by implementing these reforms:

  • Create awareness of food wastage and hunger issues
  • Participation in federal food programs
  • Working alongside other organizations to strengthen government policies
  • Giving funds and free food
  • Introduce new programs to facilitate the needy

Community Building

Hunger Relief Foundation is working hard to integrate with different communities to solve hunger problems by performing the following activities:

  • Developing sustainable food solutions.
  • Access to credit for implementing sustainable solutions.
  • Providing food donations to the less fortunate.
  • Urban farming to gain self-sustainability.
  • Access to education to increase employment.
  • Governmental support by providing funds.
  • Conflict resolutions and Social Change.
  • Educating people about birth control.
  • Empowering women to improve financial stability.


The Hunger Relief Foundation believes that educating the people is a solution to eradicating hunger problems. We can achieve sustainable development goals by implementing these techniques:

  • Find local domain experts
  • Sharpen critical lens
  • Grow networking
  • Connect students to homegrown food
  • Reduce food waste at schools and within our societies

Global Conflicts

Global conflicts are the root cause of hunger in most of the world’s food crises regions. Conflicts increase hunger issues. It affects the population and destroys food stocks and agricultural lands. 

We can only get out of such problems if we control the following areas:

  • Land disputes
  • Resource exploitation
  • Political exclusion
  • Power struggles
  • Social differences
  • Corruption


Poverty is the sole cause of hunger in the world, whether people live in urban or rural areas.

The Hunger Foundation believes that the solution to eradicating poverty is to solve the root causes, such as:

  • Lack of access to food and clean water
  • Social Injustice
  • Lack of infrastructure
  • Lack of Education
  • Lack of Jobs

We Are Going Global

A Comprehensive Approach To Hunger

Health And Nutirition

Improving hygiene of communities, access to clean water and information on nutrition


Farmers have access to resources to grow healthy crops and boost incomes


The most powerful tool by which children and adults can lift themselves out of poverty is education

Good Governance

Working with local communities to manage themselves more effectively


Helps communities to manage resources and create long term solutions

Gender equality

Identifying different needs of all genders and providing them an equal opportunity in society.
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