Hunger Relief Foundation


The Onset of the pandemic affected the improvement of hunger levels and has an impact on development at individual, communal and national levels.


Conflict is one of the key reasons why people face hunger around the globe. People often face other hardships along with hunger like homelessness, a collapsed economy, lack of infrastructure, and decimation of agricultural processes leading to food desert conditions and no way to trade or connect with food supplies.

Extreme Weather

Climate change is causing more extreme and more frequent weather disruptions, causing global hunger, as 80% of the worlds inflicted live in climatic regions prone to extreme weather

Food Waste

About a third of all food produced is wasted. This could feed entire continents facing famine

Lack of Access to clean Water

The scarcity of water or water being unfit for human use causes and aggravates malnutrition. Without access to safe water, there is difficulty to grow crops, and for affected people to stay healthy or survive.

Gender Inequality

Females face food scarcity and malnutrition more than males in 75% countries, and while women are the main food producers, they are also most often the last to eat and eat the least for their families.


Insufficient financial resources are one of the main causes of hunger as affordability of food is a big challenge due to increasing inflation. This affects entire families as well as generations.

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