Hunger Relief Foundation

Najeeb Chaudary

From a young age, Najeeb nurtured an ardent enthusiasm for both entrepreneurship and philanthropy. This fervor propelled him onto a path of numerous business endeavors, including the creation and development of several franchise concepts such as Firehouse Subs and Qdoba Mexican Eats, with agreements spanning across VA, MD, and DC.

Through his involvement with Firehouse Subs’ Public Safety Foundation, Najeeb has played a pivotal role in raising in excess of $100,000 earmarked for vital rescue equipment, benefiting Fire and Rescue departments throughout Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. This accomplishment bestowed upon him a newfound admiration for nonprofit organizations and their unwavering commitment to enhancing the well-being of others.

Najeeb’s aspirations to bolster nonprofit initiatives are set to flourish as he lends his administrative expertise to the Hunger Relief Foundation. His steadfast endorsement of the foundation’s mission underscores his eagerness to enact tangible change.

Furthermore, as the founder of Metro Management, Mr. Chaudhary has orchestrated administrative operations for an array of restaurant and concession concepts. Their reach extends even to unconventional venues, including the esteemed FedEx Field and the Washington DC Convention Center, thereby leaving a lasting impact on the Virginia, Maryland, and DC region.

Having pursued an associate degree in business management from Northern Virginia Community College after his relocation from Lahore, Pakistan to the US. Najeeb’s firsthand encounters with the pressing matters of hunger and poverty have served as potent motivation to extend his competencies and wisdom globally through the Hunger Relief Foundation.

Mohammad Nadeem

Mohammad Nadeem embarked on a journey to the United States at a young age, where he bore witness to the stark realities of poverty in the developing world. Driven by an unwavering desire to effect positive change, Nadeem’s aspirations took root. His academic pursuits culminated in a Finance degree from the esteemed Smith School of Business at UMD. Opting for the path of entrepreneurship, he directed his focus towards the spheres of hospitality and construction.

Nadeem stands as the visionary behind Lil Cakes & Creamery, an esteemed brand renowned for its gourmet coffee and delectable desserts. His brainchild has blossomed into a network of thriving outlets that span across the regions of Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. Beyond the culinary domain, Nadeem’s prowess extends further; he holds the mantle of founder and operator of a highly successful construction company that has established a firm footing in the Washington Metropolitan Area.

The breadth and depth of Nadeem’s journey have uniquely endowed him with the tools essential for his pivotal role in an endeavor of historic significance. His extensive network within the industry, seamlessly intertwined with his comprehensive grasp of every facet of the business landscape, form an unparalleled recipe for triumph and accomplishment.

M. Siddique Sheikh

Mr. Mohammad Siddique Sheikh is a renowned businessman and enjoys wide respect among the business and political circles. Born and raised in Gujranwala, Pakistan, he moved to the United States 50 years ago and has since represented the country as a successful entrepreneur. He currently heads a conglomerate of wide-ranging businesses.

He has also been on board of several academic and business institutions, including George Mason University, Virginia’s largest public research institution. He founded Pakistan American Business Association in 1980s, which is now a representative body of entrepreneurs of Pakistani-origin. PABA was the first association of Pakistani Americans, or from Pakistan, to perform the Opening Bell ceremony last year at NASDAQ – the world’s trading hub. The event was a resounding success and was given a wide coverage by the Pakistani and US media. PABA was again invited to perform the Closing Bell ceremony at NASDAQ, an honor that is rarely given to any company or organization.

Mr. Sheikh’s services has been acknowledged at various levels in the state of Virginia. He was appointed member of the Transportation Accountability Commission in 2006 by the then governor Tim Kaine. Mr. Sheikh was also a founding member of Virginia Lottery that bespeaks of the trust and commitment reposed in him by the State. He is currently a Representative of Fairfax County’s Chairman on the Economic Advisory Commission. He is also the Chairman of the Executive Committee and Chairman of the Diversity Council of the Fairfax County Police Department to promote diversity and create a liaison between police and various communities. He also serves on the Diversity Committee of the Fairfax County. More recently, Mr. Sheikh was appointed as the board member of the BB&T Bank, nationwide and member of the BB&T’s Regional Multicultural Advisory Committee.

He heads a conglomerate of wide-ranging businesses in Virginia and is also the president of Nationwide Tire and Auto, a successful national umbrella company. Additionally, he is an investor and board members of companies in the areas of banking, real estate, motels and insurance.

Tommy Tsitouris

For twenty-nine years, Mr. Tsitouris has operated the IHOP restaurant franchise group in six states. Mr. Tsitouris has served on the Technical Advisory Committee for eighteen years that answers to the IHOP Board regarding all facets of technology within the company. He served as Chairman of that committee for two years.

Mr. Tsitouris is a founding member of the IHOP Leukemia & Lymphoma leadership council. When Mr. Tsitouris started this council in 2000 the IHOP’s in the Washington DMA collected $1,000,000 annually. Mr. Tsitouris is the largest fundraiser of any IHOP DMA nationally.

Mr. Tsitouris can be seen frequently on local news agencies in DC supporting LLS and IHOP’s fundraising mission. To see media coverage please visit:
This did not go unnoticed by LLS and therefore the President & CEO of Leukemia & Lymphoma Society created a new National Retail Council to help with its goal of expanding National Retail partnerships. Mr. Tsitouris has served as the Chairman of that council since January 2019. $22 million in retail donations is collected annually by the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. Under Tommy’s leadership IHOP raises over $700,000 annually for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as well.

Mr. Tsitouris co-founded the Chicago Steak Company in 2008, Maine Lobster House in 2016. Chicago Steak Company was voted the People’s Choice Award for best steaks. Chicago Steak Company is a gourmet online catalog shop that sells gourmet steaks and other fine foods. Mr Tsitouris is also a principal in Metro Management that owns and operates different franchise brands in Washington DC market like Firehouse Subs and Qdoba Mexican Eats.

Mr. Tsitouris also founded the Washington Buyers Group, LLC in 2006 ,until it was dissolved to make way for the largest food buying group in the country Centralized Supply Chain Services, LLC (CSCS®) which is the exclusive purchasing agent for the Applebee’s and IHOP systems.

Mr. Tsitouris possesses a wealth of experience in the non-profit sector, having worked with prominent national franchises. This extensive background uniquely equips him for his role in this historic and prestigious project. His industry connections, coupled with his comprehensive understanding of all facets of the business, form a recipe for unparalleled success.

Matt Crowley

Mr. Crowley boasts an impressive entrepreneurial journey, having co-founded the esteemed Chicago Steak Company in 2007 and the Maine Lobster House in 2016. His dedication to quality earned Chicago Steak Company the prestigious People’s Choice Award for best steaks. Additionally, Chicago Steak Company has received press coverage in Forbes, Inc., Town & Country, and IBTimes.

Mr. Crowley is also a founder of Metro Management, where his partnership with Mr. Chaudary and Mr. Tsitouris has overseen administrative operations for multiple restaurant & concession concepts including Firehouse Subs, Qdoba Mexican Eats, Metro Catering & Concessions, and others. Their impact extends to non-traditional venues, including the prestigious FedEx Field and the Washington DC Convention Center in the Virginia, Maryland, and DC area. Mr. Crowley is integrally involved with all aspects of development, finance, and administration.

Additionally, Mr. Crowley serves a pivotal role at Sharp Holding, Inc., an independent IHOP franchise group, where he is responsible for information management for IHOP restaurant chain spread across six states. 

Mr. Crowley’s holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, College Park where he graduated with honors. His extensive experience in office processes and management, coupled with his remarkable entrepreneurial journey, make him an invaluable addition to the Advisory Board for the Hunger Relief Foundation.

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